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We provide the following offset printing services:
• Layout and Prepress • Press Printing • Finishing

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King Salman Book Cover
Nura Calendar
King Salman Book inside pages
Almarai Book
Tawuniya Calendar
King Salman Book
King Salman

Promotional Printing: Brochures, Flyers, Calendars, Posters, Newsletters, etc.

Stationery: Business Cards, Letterheads, Presentation Folders, Envelopes, etc.

Multipage Printing: Books, Magazines, Catalogues, Reports, Manuals, etc.

POS: Labels, Menus, Tent Cards, Danglers, Shelf Talkers, etc.


Our digital services consist of:
• Layout and Preparation • Wide-Format Printing • Finishing and Installation

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Zain- Card branding
Van Branding
Tawuniya sign
Tawuniya stand
King Khaled Ariport
Almarai branding baloon
Zain backdrop

Banners, Flex Signs, Branding, Vinyl Signs, Rollups, etc.

Indoor and outdoor posters. Widths of up to 5 meters. 1440 DPI. Perfect print out. No pixilation. 8 colors Gamut. Fine color print. The best in class requirements. Variety of materials: papers, canvases, foam boards. Outdoor prints fixed on boards, walls or on portable promotion stands.

We undertake car branding, wallpaper printing, display boards and exhibition stands alongside of a wide range of printing services.


Our packaging services include:

• Die-cutting • Folding and glueing

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Almarai stand
Packaging, Tide and Almarai
Food packaging
Mobily Connect Router stand

Labels, Paper Bags, Menus, Tent Cards, Danglers, Shelf Talkers, Carton Boxes, Food Boxes, Food Packaging, etc.

  • Blind Spot UV Coating

When the UV coating is applied directly to the paper without a printed color underneath.

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We constantly strive to deliver the highest possible quality of products

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